EiABC Student Council    2016/2017

EiABC students constitute not only the most vital component of the institute; they are the mere reason why EiABC is in existence. To channel and voice their interests, comments, concerns, and suggestions, EiABC established since it's start in 2009 a strong and active Student Council. The Student Council is a representative body composed of student representatives from each batch and program, chosen by their respective classmates. The Student Council represents therefore the largest interest group of EiABC and is acting to their advantage. Two members of the Student Council have a seat in the EiABC Council, the highest decision making organ of EiABC.

Next to the representative character of the Student Council, it also organizes social and extracurricular activities such as the Social Clubs, the Environmental Days at EiABC, the Best Teaching Award etc. The Student Council works in very close collaboration with the Dean of Students in terms of provision of dormitory space and food, establishes rules and regulation for a social and fair student community, is part of discipline committees, helps freshman students with their orientation, and therefore acts in a social, ethical, democratic and transparent way to the benefit of all students of EiABC.


“The EiABC Student Council endeavors to serve the EiABC student body with dedication to the delivery of student services.

The EiABC Student Council motivates and empowers the EiABC student to encourage and apply innovation and to foster the development of the institution and the country.

The EiABC Student Council is committed to engage every student in social responsibility whilst upholding the values of integrity, transparency and joint participation.

Through accountability, responsiveness, open mindedness and humility we are committed to promoting development, equality and justice to the students.

The EiABC Student Council serves as an intermediary among the EiABC students and other members of the EiABC community.”


 needs and wants.

 that matter to students.


            services that enrich students’ lives.




Developing and promoting leadership abilities


Building awareness, respect, and value for all people

Academic Achievement

Striving for and creating motivation for academic excellence

School/Community Involvement

Building a partnership between the school and community with service

School Spirit

Creating activities for campus pride and participation


The EiABC Student Council upholds:



1 DANIEL GIRMA ARCH 5th President 0910788182
2 BEKALU BELETE COTM 4th V/president 0985943912
3 TESFAYE MENESHER URPL 4th Secretary 0911426074
4 MASRESHA SEYOUM COTM 5th Student service 0910393470
5 TESFAYE ABEBE ARCH 3rd Student service 0916486278
6 CHALTU DEREJE ARCH 4th Accadamics 0925491831
7 LEULSEGED SHEWANGZAW COTM 3rd Accadamics 0923102541
8 DESALEGN BERHANU COTM 3rd Event organizer 033687562
9 AMANUEL TEWOLDE ARCH 2nd Promotion 0966225425
10 ABEL KASSA URPL 5th Deciplin com. 0916486278
11 TEKALEYN GIRMA COTM 4th Sport com. 0923837328
12 ASHENAFI ALEAYEHU COTM 5th Sport com. 0927253322
13 MILLION SEBSIBE COTM 2nd Club organizer 0934234149
14 MOHAMED YOUSUF COTM 1st Student service 0935199785
15 BEREKET DEMISSIE COTM 2nd Sport com. 0926347527
16 HILINA ASNAKE ARCH 1st Gender com. 0919156084

 student councel