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Host and Participating Institutions
Host: Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction & City Development (EIABC), Addis
Ababa University, Addis Ababa
Leading partner: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Business Partner: DAAD, GiZ, Ethiopian Contractors Association
Key Participants (Ministry of Construction & Infrastructure, Construction Management Institute,
Ethiopian Road Administration, Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation, Ethiopian Association of
Civil Engineers, Ethiopian Construction Technology & Management Professionals, EBIMS )
Date and Venue
Feb 26- Mar 2, 2024
Ghion Hotel
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Objectives of the Conference
The purpose of this joint conference is to convene stakeholders from the construction industry, the
public sector, academia, and civil society to join forces in exploring how the prospects of the built
environment can be shaped for sustainable and flourishing urban transition in Ethiopia. The
conference is expected to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, collaboration, and planning for
action as well as produce specific recommendations and action plans as output from this conference.
The conference particularly focuses on fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration;
demonstrating the interlink between urban infrastructure, sustainability and climate change; identify
key challenges and opportunities in building resilient infrastructure; through research, showcases
and discussion of policy frameworks, financing mechanisms, and governance structure. The
conference will bring together experienced engineers, operational managers and university teachers
from Ethiopia with up-to-date researchers from Europe. Latest research developments will be
matched with the challenges of the Ethiopian market situation.
Enhanced understanding of resilient infrastructure concepts, challenges, and opportunities;
dissemination of best practices, innovative technologies, and successful case studies; policy
recommendations and frameworks for resilient infrastructure development; strengthened
collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders; and creation of a platform for ongoing
knowledge exchange and future research collaborations are anticipated outcomes of the conference.
Topics of the Conference:
  •  Resilient Infrastructure Planning and Design
  •  Smart Infrastructure and Digitization for Enhanced Resilience
  •  Infrastructure Management
  •  Project Delivery Methods for Resilient Infrastructure Investment
  •  Opening with 2 joint conference days
  •  3 days seminars and workshop on specific topics
  •  Academia meets industry, joint field trips
  •  Engineering fair and market show, meet with students
  •  Cultural tours and international networking

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Building a Resilient Infrastructure Towards Sustainable Urban Transition 






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