Advanced Model Making
Arch 2141
The Advanced Model Making course is given in collaboration with the protoLAB. The protoLAB teaches students on different techniques of how to physically construct concepts, prototypes and scaled models. This involves intense lab hours where students are required to make conceptual models, working models and structural models in real time. They will learn to experiment on differ¬ent techniques (hands on and digital) of model making in order to  advance their speed and precision.
These techniques of digital and hands-on production will help students go beyond the representation stage to make them part of the production and construction processes.
The course is structured on certain MAKING tasks. The tasks have two formats: Daily Exercises and Projects. The daily exercises are meant to start and end on the same day. Speed and creativity in construction are fundamental to the exercises. Outcomes are assessed on class critics on the following sessions.  Projects (could be group or individual works). Students take time to research and select model material, and carefully design suitable construction process. 


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