IN3/TOT (Integrated Infrastructures & Terms of Towns) is an international research project implemented by EiABC Addis Ababa in collaboration with Bauhaus University Weimar. The duration of the project is 2017-2020 concentrating on the concept of Rural-Urban transformation for emerging new towns in Ethiopia. It is composed of teaching and research components, with a target to develop planning tools for resilient and sustainable towns in Ethiopia.

For further information please go to the following link, where we will constantly be uploading our developments:

Within the framework of this research project and TTD (Tikul to Datscha) we’re able to have different teaching workshops in Ethiopia for students of EiABC, different regional universities and Bauhaus university. We had a week long kick-off meeting at Bauhaus University Weimar on January, 2017 between our core team members. Following this, the core team members from Weimar have joined us for ten days workshop, in March 2017, held at EiABC and visits to three emerging towns in different regions of the country.

eclin3 team

Image: IN3/TOT team members on a field trip to small emerging towns


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