Workshop shall be conducted at the final stages of the research implementation. The research will have a considerable output during the time and will be used as an input for the workshop.

Workshop participants will be provided with the research output (plugins, libraries) and will produce a design work by making use of the materials provided. The workshop participants shall have past experience on software such as:  Revit architecture, Archicad, Rhinoceros + Grasshopper.

The objective of the workshop is to indicate the practical implication of the research. And it will also intend to create a link between the industry and the research. In addition to the website development and other promotion plans.

Workshop assignment

Use all the models and modules you have been making till today and make a small project:

The Project shall not exceed ~ 25 square meters

Proportion of the foot print size and function is to be decided by the participant

If the participant did not manage to full fill the project with the provided models and modules, he or she can make a new one (component for the plug in based on the data collected) during the project.


Monkey Head11

Monkey Head22


Bamboo Cafe11

Bamboo Cafe22




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